About the Slourm

Slorum - Coalescence is based in the United States. Laws applicable to internet communications apply.

The Slorum is a forum for entertainment purposes. We are not your trained counselors, pediatricians, lawyers, or licensed contractors.

The Slorum is a time wasting, production stopping place where you will be offended and astounded by the absolute deterioration of humankind.

The Slorum is the mind-child of Fazed, which was the mind-child of SpunOne. We are thankful for the creator. We have grown to exist as something of our own.

Some useful links can be found right there in your profile:

edit my profile; my images; add an image; request a tagline; request a webcam; change my password; submission queue

Pictures of yourself (not your car, pet, sports logo, etc.) can be uploaded to your profile by submitting them to the slorum. This can take a few days depending on how much we have been drinking.

Q:  Who are the staff?

A: Operations: WayGroovy

Administration & Moderation: calvinhobbes, effeminateSWANK, jpkeates, fenris, SpinDrift, zoomchick, LadyAlthea, Snc, rabbiwanna

SysAdmin & Technical Support: object

Q:  How can I message the staff?

A: Private message the Admins

Q:  What software is this run on?

A: This is a fork, or offshoot, or the disembodied ghost of what was once created by SpunOne for a place we once loved.

Q:  What is a slorum?

A: Answers vary, but for now it’s this slow old forum. It comes with the good and the bad of all of us.

Q:  How do I get text after my name?

A: Those are called Tag-Lines. After logging in, go to your profile page. There you can “request a tagline”. You don’t deserve one.

Q:  How do I make links in the forum and comments? What is BBCode?

A: BBCode is the language of our people. LMGTFY .

[b] bold [/b]  = bold

[i] italics [/i]  = italics

[s] strikethrough [/s]  = strikethrough

[pre] fixed width font [/pre]  = fixed width font

[quote] this is a quote [/quote]  = adds a quote box around the text you enter

[quote=name] this is a quote [/quote]  = adds a quote box around the text you enter, quoting the name specified

[spoiler] this is a spoiler [/spoiler]  = adds a spoiler box around the text you enter (content is hidden)

[spoiler=heading] this is a spoiler [/spoiler]  = adds a spoiler box around the text you enter, along with your heading

[url] http://www.workwebpage.com [/url]  = www.workwebpage.com

[url=http://www.slorum.org]Check this out[/url]  = Check this out

[nsfw] http://www.slorum.net [/nsfw]  = www.slorum.net  (18+)

[nsfw=http://www.fazed.org] Visit  FAZED [/nsfw]  = Visit FAZED  (18+)

[img] http://www.workwebpage.com/images/header.jpg [/img]  = Links to an image

[vid] http://www.workwebpage.com/images/video.mp4 [/vid]  = Links to a video (muted, looping)

[table] Header 1 | Header 2 | Header 3 [/table] Row 1 Column 1 | Row 1 Column 2 | Row 1 Column 3  = Draws a simple table

Q:  Why was I rate-limited, banned, or censored?!?

A:  The staff does not discuss specific moderation decisions in public. If you want to discuss something in particular with the staff, you can email the staff at workwebpage.com or private message the Admins. Or cry about it on facebook, that seems to be the popular route.

Q:  Shut up and take my money!

A:   Thats not a question. But if you would like to contribute to the site, you may contribute via paypal

Contributions are optional. Contributions do not necessarily confer any special privileges, ranks, or status to those contributing to the server. By contributing to the Slorum Coalescence, you affirm that you agree to the Terms of Service. This action does not give you authority or power above the Terms of Service. A repayment of your contribution will not be made under most circumstances.